The Importance of Fair Trade

In today’s world, markets are becoming more and more global. You can walk into any store and buy goods from all over the world. Yet despite advances in technology and transportation that allow international exchanges to even happen, some people, and even the environment, are getting the short end of the stick. People all over the globe are living in poverty with seemingly no hope of escaping their conditions.That’s where Fair Trade comes in.

Fair Trade includes the following principles:

  • Fair Price – cooperatives and unions serve as a way for farmers and workers to organize. These groups then work to provide a minimum floor price members can receive for their goods.
  • Fair Labor Conditions – forced labor and child labor are strictly prohibited.
  • Direct Trade – groups strive to work as directly as possible with importers to eliminate middlemen and any extra costs. This helps workers receive more of the profit their goods earn and aids with the development of business skills.
  • Community Development – profits earned by the cooperatives and unions go towards programs that will benefit the community and help it grow, such as a school.
  • Environmental Sustainability – farming methods and production techniques are environmentally friendly and are aimed at being sustainable to help preserve the land. The use of certain chemicals strictly prohibited.

When all of these principles come together, people’s lives are changed. Fair Trade is a way people can break the cycle of poverty, hunger and social inequality. Farmers can stop doing back-breaking work with little to no pay and start supporting their families and communities.

TransFair USA is a third party Fair Trade certifier for the U.S. Products currently available as Fair Trade certified are coffee, tea, herbs, chocolate, cocoa, fresh fruit, sugar, rice and vanilla. Look for the Fair Trade Certified label.

Join the fight against injustice, and support the Fair Trade movement today!




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